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16 going on 60
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Whether writing music, performing in theater, or making movies with his friends, Drew Pulliam always had a knack for storytelling. Growing up, his mother ran a theater in his hometown of Jonesboro, AR and has been surrounded by stories his entire life. He recalls, "I remember playing with my toys on the stage while hearing the latest artistic argument over music and lighting. When we’d come home from rehearsal with my five older brothers and sisters, the dinner table was filled with the stories about my brother's latest girlfriend or my sister's latest girl squabble. Pretty soon I was telling stories of my own."


Now as Drew is reaching adulthood and preparing to graduate from high school, the serious nature of the world around him is becoming more apparent. "I want to remember being a kid, but adulthood is taking over more and more. The stories I remember hearing as a kid, I see with adult eyes now. Although it’s tricky to express the intensity of these stories, music has always been my way through. So far, the keys and my guitar have helped me retell the importance of what I’ve heard all my life."


Drew paired up with Mississippi hitmaker Steve Azar to help these stories come to life with notable musicians such as Chad Cromwell on drums, Kenny Greenberg on Guitar, Barry Bays on bass, and Jonathan Yudkin on cello.


Drew's journey to adulthood and stories along the way helped shape the body of work he created for his debut EP due in 2023. Whether it's the epic ballad "Fight Our All" that he describes as the song I want the world to hear right now, or "16 Going On 60," which tackles his sudden launch into being an adult, the relatable collection is set to delight listeners of all ages.

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